Micro Hi Tecnology


Aspect: White Powder
Particle size: 20 µm ±2
Humidity: (1,3 ±0,3) %
Density: (0,5 ±0,1) g/cm3
Used for: LDPE and LLDPE
Food Contact: Yes
Compliance: EFSA and FDA
Packaging: 20 Kg. Minimum order

For to do the masterbatch:

Add the 25% of AAZ-02 in the resin carrier.

For to do the film:

Add from 4% to 6% of Fresh Keeping masterbatch in the inner layer.
Perfect for multilayer film 25-50-25.


- Reduction of bacteria load of 88%;
- Dry Residue increase of 12%;
- Smell, color and taste has a benefit;
- UV protection from 40% to 60%:
- pH unaltered for 7 days.

   Shelf life improved

Other Additives

- Fresh Keeping for PE PP PET BOPP;
- Anti rodents;
- Anti bacterial;
- Odours adsorb and more.


Fresh Keeping, Anti UV, Anti bacteria, Anti odors

People are increasingly demanding, their very lively lifestyles. Flexibility thus becomes a crucial element in every situation. At the same time, we can observe a growing search for and development of more advanced and intelligent day-to-day technologies. Sometimes they are small improvements on a product to drive technological innovation to increase the quality of life.

Tests performed

Anti bacteria analysis

Bacterial loads on polypropylene films will be analyzed in the experiment. For the microbiological analysis the samples of the bovine meat have been taken out of the bags and at the same time they have been put under testing, therefore for every container it has been done the analysis of the Total Bacterial Count (TBC).

UV analysis

Is an analysis carried out with a UV spectrophotometer which measures the wavelength from 0 to 800 nanometers. This analysis ensures that the amount of additive is right for the film produced. The industries that produce the masterbatch can perform this test and if the range of removal of UV radiation is between 40% and 60%, will guarantee the film producer the performance of the additive AAZ-02.


The test consists of verifying if the bovine meat are still good to eat. It is an analysis that you can see directly in the photo report. The analysis takes in consideration the bovine meat that have had a color change and odor change that can be classified into one of four categories of microbiological quality:
1 = satisfactory, 2 = acceptable, 3 = unsatisfactory, 4 = potentially harmful.

So in conclusion ...

There are a lot marketing benefit from AAZ-02 additive.
1) Food waste is reduced
2) Low cost on the added value of the film
3) The product is unique, there are no competitors
4) You now dispone an advanced technology
5) Your customer reacquires the product
6) Your turnover increases