Our Laboratory

Analysis of: Fresh Keeping, UV, Anti bacteria, Anti odors, V.O.C.

People are increasingly demanding, their very lively lifestyles. Flexibility thus becomes a crucial element in every situation. At the same time, we can observe a growing search for and development of more advanced and intelligent day-to-day technologies. Sometimes they are small improvements on a product to drive technological innovation to increase the quality of life.

TiO2 Analysis

It is a comparative analysis between a treated and an untreated manufactured article, or between two substrates treated with different quantities or types of photocatalytic titanium dioxide. UV-Vis laser-ray spectroscopy is used with an innovative machine produced in Japan. The particularly reliable instrumentation releases the transmittance and absorbance value obtained with an accuracy of 10-6.

Fresh Keeping

There are many products that can increase the shelf life of a stored food, but we must have a consolidated and replicable procedure to uniquely test a fresh food stored in a food pakaging. Our analyzes are not of the "sensory" type, but are based on simple and effective principles. We analyze more replicable analysis: Weight loss, consistency, bacterial load, temperature control, pH, dry residue, storage, reduction or gas production, VOC and more on request.

Aging Test

The artificial aging chamber reproduces the damage caused by sunlight in an accelerated manner and is able to reproduce the damage that occurs during months or years outdoors. The chamber allows an intense and constant lighting with an aging power from 30 to 50 times greater than natural solar irradiation. Considering a 10-year aging test, corresponding to 3,650 days, we will have an intensity of 10±2 W/m2 = 10,540 MJ/m2 corresponding to 86.4 MJ/m2/day = 122 days


It is the chemiluminescence to be used for a thorough and accurate analysis on photocatalytic artifacts. Disclaimed by the UNI-EN 11238-2 and 11247 standards beyond the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) 1701-1 (ISO Request) the test consists of measuring the concentration of nitrogen oxides at the output of a photochemical reactor under UVA illumination. We perform patents for our customers and search for new formulations that do not exist on the market.

Chemical Analysis

Analisys of different types are made according to the request of our customers. Usually they concern analyzes on substrates coated with the range of our products. Where necessary we will build ad-hoc smoke chambre to better analyze certain pollutants. Our latest studies concern the removal of ethylene on food packaging using special additives. The oxygen scavengers deserve special attention. They also perform bacteriological analyzes according to ENI-EN-ISO standards.


L&G places scientific research and innovation at the center of its strategies for the development of new materials, new chemical structures, new additives and new products to meet the needs of our primary customers. The commitment is reserved in activities that aim to improve the exploration and success of new technologies to identify new market segments. We are the connection between research and industrial production applied to a micro or nano technology.