SiO2 Tecnology


The best anti-scratch

For Polyuretane Varnish

Silamica Anti Graffio has been specially designed to improve the scratch resistance of high-gloss polyurethane coatings solvent based, it is available in dispersion of butyl acetate. To obtain a homogeneous distribution of nano silica particles, the dispersion can be incorporated easily in coatings and formulations with simple stirring operation. You obtain a very scratch resistant surfaces without alteration of the substrate.

How it works

Is a new generation of nanostructures liquid based on silica colloidal amorphous that provide high scratch resistance. The silica is an inorganic material and its core is covered by a polymer shell which can be tailored chemically to the binder matrix and its OH groups. We doped the silica with a double elastic matrix but scratch resistant with their OH-groups. The resulting is an hard-soft nanoparticle compound effectively reduces the formation of scratch on glossy polyuretanic varnishes.