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We produce amorphous colloidal photocatalytic titanium dioxide, Fresh keeping for Masterbatches, Intelligent additives, Anti rodents, Polysilazans, Antifog, Hydrophobic and hydrophilic, Carbon nanotubes
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Permanent protection
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PhotoACTIVE® Wash
For fabrics and laundry
Fresh Keeping, Anti-UV, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Rodents
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Photocatalytic analysis
It is the UV-Vis analysis that determines the absorbance, the decomposition capacity of organic compounds
Chemical analyses
We made of any type according to the request of our customers.
We rely on external companies accredited under the mutagenicity conditions of Viruses and Bacteria.
Fresh Keeping Analysis
We analyze: Weight loss, consistency, bacterial load, temperature control, pH, dry residue, conservation, reduction and production of gas.
NOx, NO, NO2, PMx Analysis
It is chemiluminescence that is used for an in-depth and accurate analysis of photocatalytic products. Discipliant from UNI-EN 11238-2 and 11247 standards
Artificial aging
The artificial aging chamber reproduces the damage caused by sunlight in an accelerated manner and is able to reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.
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What is photocatalytic titanium dioxide?

is an amorphous colloidal solution based on water or alcohol that has two intrinsic properties. It makes the material to which applied photocatalytic and hyperhydrophilic. Photocatalysis is activated with exposure to daylight, odors, gases and bacteria are eliminated. The dirt, the smog, the organic particulates decompose, they no longer adhere to the surfaces, with water or rain the hyperhydrophic properties of Titanium make everything that had previously deposited on the material slide.

How long does the L&G photocatalytic TiO2 last on a surface?

Applied on a building substrate, for example a facade of a building, titanium dioxide clings to the structure of the tiles, the plaster of the cement etc. indelibly and can last up to 10 years. Tests conducted in the laboratory through the artificial aging of the materials subjected to analysis confirm this data.

How does PhotoACTIVE works?

Through the photochemistry of the product, PhotoACTIVE carries out a very effective action through oxidation-reduction reactions. Attention: Photocatalysis is activated only with UVC radiation. The decomposition of organic compounds occurs by means of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH•) and superoxide anions (O2-) generated by the photocatalytic process which decomposes everything that lurks on the surface, preventing the aerobic respiration phase. The organic compounds are denatured and gradually decomposed obtaining carbon dioxide, salts and water vapours. The destruction of bad odors associated with their presence and allows maintaining the substrate on which the amorphous colloidal titanium dioxide is applied in high hygienic conditions. Lasts at least 6 months.

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