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“Every day we ask ourselves:
How can we make this customer happy?
How can we do it by continuing along the path of innovation?
We ask ourselves why, otherwise, someone else will.”


Research and Development is the strategic function of our entire corporate organization. It represents the division entrusted with the company's ability to build and preserve the competitive advantage. We highlight two primary activities: The search for new products and the verification over time of the functioning of our new technologies. This is a function which, in order to be effective, must pursue precise and targeted objectives with the aim of obtaining concrete and satisfactory results, and which must be in continuous dialogue with all the other strategic functions, such as production and marketing.

Years of industrial activity
Satisfied customers
Acquired Partners
Projects realized
Policlinico Umberto I - ROME
Over 300.000 mq treated
After 3 years from the application
After 3 months of UV exposure
Over 30.000 mq created
Self-cleaning and hyper-hydrophilic
Real-world test after 10 years
Over 20 cruise ships covered
Self-cleaning and hyper-hydrophilic glasses
Statue of Cristo RE - Rome