L&G is a firm of production and a chimical engineering providing integrated solutions qualified and complete to companies. It is the group company that is interested in the research and development of micro and nanotechnology applied to the environment, materials, products. More of our activities: production of food additive for masterbatch, chemical engineering, analysis, study of additives and masterbatch, but mostly we study new molecules smart, for the food industry, bulding, naval, agriculture and for the plastic world. In collaboration with leading Italian universities of chemistry and microbiology, we integrate the work performed in our laboratories, where required by validating the work performed. The specialist staff is available for customers to test and analyze any type of substrate on the extraordinary properties of the products that we sell. We are the link between the industry and the technology of a macro or micro structure applied to a material.

Our Products

Fresh Keeping additive for PE PP BOPP

Fresh Keeping additive for PE-PP-BOPP

Active and Fresk Keeping Masterbatch (pdf)

Liquid glass, antigraffiti, anti corrosion

Liquid glass anti corrosion - antigraffiti

Titanium Q

Self-cleaning photovoltaic panels

Photocatalytic TiO2

Titanium dioxide amorphous colloidal

Colloidal Silica

Anti scratch for polyurethane paints

Titanium Q

Anti rodents liquid/ powder/ masterbatch

Permanet hydro and oil repellents

Permanent hydrophobic treatments