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An analysis laboratory for our customers
Our staff is at your disposal for the personalization of your products
Photocatalytic analysis
It is the UV-Vis analysis that determines the absorbance, the decomposition capacity of organic compounds
Chemical Analysis
They are made of any type based on the request of our customers.
We rely on external companies accredited under the mutagenicity conditions of Viruses and Bacteria.
Room sanitization
We have highly qualified personnel throughout Italy to be able to apply our technology. We have been producing PhotoACTIVE since 2005, we are the first Italian company active in this sector.
Analysis NOx, NO, NO2, PMx
It is chemiluminescence that is used for an in-depth and accurate analysis of photocatalytic products. Discipliant from UNI-EN 11238-2 and 11247 standards
Artificial aging
The artificial aging chamber reproduces the damage caused by sunlight in an accelerated manner and is able to reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.
Our applicators
we operate in all conditions

Our analyzes
For the most demanding customers

Our results
After one year from the application