NEWS 2018

  • Jan 10

    New web site L&G Holding srl

    L&G Presents the new web site in english 2018.

  • Jan 02

    New Depliant AAZ-02

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    The study of this additive lasted 20 months. It is optimized for storing fresh foods such as meat, fish, pasta or any type of packaged food that requires protection for storage. The additive is a food contact in accordance with the EFSA and FDA standards, the increase in food storage is demonstrated by the UNI ISO tests performed. The advantages are: increase in shelf life, protection from UV rays, absorption of odors, reduction of micro-bacteriological charges.

  • Dec 23


    Liquid SiO2 anti-scratch. It is a novelty for the Italian market. A revolutionary formula based on silica with particular OH groups able to be mixed in solvent-based paints for the polyurethane varnish sector. Gloss, durability, hardening of the layer and therefore the non-scratching of the substratum are the main features of this innovative product.